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These are some of the courses that I have tried online (and a few in person if you're in Toronto)


Domestika now has a membership that gives you the ability to take all of the courses you want. I started with paying per course and I am still doing that. Courses right now are as little as $6.99. I don't really do the projects in any of the courses so I tend to get through the course in a day or so. You can share your project online through a forum for the class and ask questions although this may take some time to get a response. A lot start with the understanding that you don't know much about the medium so the instructor goes over supplies you'll need. They also usually start with a look at their work and then who inspires them. For a list of instructors I enjoy I would recommend my other page on "who to follow" on instagram rather than listing them all here.

Raw Umber Studios

Obviously being based in Toronto I haven't taken any of this studio's in-person classes. I have taken a couple of their free and one-off workshops online, though. Sign-up for their email and you will be notified about any new courses. They often have a free portrait or life drawing course once a month so check it out. 

Royal Drawing School

I've only taken a short day course online but I plan on taking more. They have longer courses online as well. I would love to be able to attend in person but that's not possible. They are reasonably priced and live with feedback during the class. 


I personally haven't signed up for a Patreon, yet. But judging by the feedback from friends they are getting a lot out of the experience. You can sign up for several types of membership and support the artist. They are often set up in similar ways with online sessions or videos depending on your membership. 

I found out about this group on Instagram. They do weekly workshops that are pay what you can with tickets available through Eventbrite. They often have guests hosts so there's always something different to explore. 

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The sketchbook artist Koosje Koene is a sketching powerhouse. She set up SketchbookSkool but now works on her own offering mini-workshops online and in-person workshops in North America and Europe. Her monthly online workshops are reasonably priced at $12.50Cdn. Or check out her patreon or weekly Draw Tip Tuesday on YouTube.

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Life Drawing Symposium offers "a totally immersive drawing experience that will have you drawing people far better than you ever could have imagined...spotlight drawing the figure and premises that will help you gain confidence and skill when drawing people on location when urban sketching." I took one of these symposiums at a half-day session. The instructors are based in NYC and have rich and varied careers in the industry. 

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