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Hamilton Vignettes originals and prints, posters and notebooks

These 3.5x2.5 watercolours are available in Original ($15 ea) or a Digital print version ($5 each). Some originals may be sold but can be commissioned. Check back for new additions or check out my Instagram page or @eileenreillyarts Contact me for orders or details 

Empire Times Hamilton.jpg

Empire Times, King William

Spice Factory Hamilton.jpg
Hamilton Place.jpg

Hamilton Place

Gage Park.jpg
Treble Hall.jpg
Former Mixed Media Hamilton.jpg

Treble Hall

Former Mixed Media

Battleground park.jpg
Gore Park Fountain.jpg

Spice Factory


Playhouse Cinema

Thomas Building Gore Park.jpg

Thomas Building, Gore Park

International village Hamilton.jpg

JVC, International Village

George R Robinson bandshell

Battlefield Monument

Gore Park fountain

King St East Hamilton.jpg
Armoury Hamilton.jpg
Shoe Barton Street Hamilton.jpg

King St East Building


Shoe, Barton St

Staircase Theatre Hamilton.jpg
James St North Hamilton.jpg
Black Forest Inn Hamilton.jpg

Staircase Theatre

Tim Horton's Field.jpg

Tim Horton's Field

James St North

Black Forest Inn

Tews falls Hamilton.jpg

Tews Falls

Lister Block Hamilton.jpg

Lister Block

Hamilton GO Centre.jpg

Hamilton GO Centre

Redchurch upper Hamilton.jpg

Victoria Building

Dundas Ontario.jpg


Art Gallery of Hamilton.jpg

Art Gallery of Hamilton

Hughson and King Hamilton.jpg
Hamilton Public library Central branch.j

The Right Building, Gore Park

Hamilton Public Library Central Branch

Lincoln Alexander Theatre.jpg
Vintage Coffee Hamilton.jpg

Lincoln Alexander

Vintage Coffee

Westinghouse Hamilton.jpg

Westinghouse Building

Jackson Square Hamilton.jpg

Jackson Square

hamiltonvignette 10.jpg
Barton Street bowling Hamilton.jpg

This Ain't Hollywood

City Centre Hamilton.jpg

City Centre

Bowlero Lanes

National Car factory.jpg

National Steel Car

Dundurn castle dovecote.jpg

Dundurn Dovecote

Ancaster town hall.jpg

Ancaster Town Hall

The Writers Block Hamilton.jpg

The Writers Block

Stelco Steel.jpg


Gore Park lion Hamilton.jpg

Former Embassy Nightclub


Pigott Building

Hamilton Farmer's market.jpg
The French Hamilton.jpg

Hamilton Farmers' Market

Westdale theatre.jpg

Westdale Theatre

The French

Bayfront gazebo Hamilton.jpg

Bayfront Gazebo

Old Coppley Building.jpg

Old Coppley Building

Steam and Technology museum.jpg

Steam and Technology Museum




James St underpass and HSR.jpg

James St S underpass

Scottish Rite Hamilton.jpg

Scottish Rite

Pagoda sign Hamilton.jpg

Pagoda Sign

Copps Colisseum.jpg

Copps Colisseum 

Cherry Birch General.jpg

Cherry Birch General

Carnegie gallery Dundas.jpg

Carnegie Gallery

Hamilton cemetery.jpg

Hamilton Cemetery

Sous Bas.jpg

Sous Bas

Landed Bank.jpg

Landed Bank

The Hamilton Club.jpg

The Hamilton Club

Theatre Aquarius.jpg

Theatre Aquarius

Dr Disc-.jpg

Dr Disc

The Brain.jpg

The Brain

Hamilton Vignette poster.jpg

Hamilton Vignette poster 16x20" $25

Hamilton Vignette notebook.JPG

Hamilton Vignette notebook (ruled) A5 size $12.50

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