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Commercial Work

Beautiful Things

I could do all the cliches here that a picture is worth a thousand words or image is everything. However, this is true now more than ever. Your product needs to stand out in a sea of images.


Your products deserve to shine. You've put so much into your creation and business. Don't let a bad photo ruin a chance at fame and fortune!


Restauranters, no longer can you rely on people to see your creations after they order. Now images are needed to entice new customers.


Having problems with getting the perfect angle and light. Well sometimes an iPhone can't do it all and you need the gear and the person who knows how to use it. Make your space standout!

I developed a series of Vintage Camera portraits first as a way to keep my collection organized but these things are just so beautiful in their own right. You can purchase these works through the AGH Art Sales and Services

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