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This little device works magic! It is only 7 cm x 4.5 cm and can rest on your DSLR's hotshoe while it works its magic. Of course it doesn't have to rest there but it is handy spot. In the box you get one charging cable and another USB cable that plugs into your chosen camera (Nikon, Canon, Sony only). You will also have to download the app so you can work the device through your Android or iPhone. This was especially appealing to me as the remote I used for my Nikon D610 doesn't work on the D810. You will also be able to Live View on your phone so setting up shots is a breeze. I won't get into all of the technical workings of the device. I'll let you go to the link to read all about those. I will say that it works with algorithms in order to get the best, sharpest shot. Sure this does not always work but when I was up a ladder trying to get a difficult shot the other day hand holding my camera (there is a hand hold setting but I did not have it on) it took a fantastic photo of an interior without any flash and with me balanced precariously (I had used flash for earlier photos of the same space). It saved me then so I hope it will continue to do so in tricky lighting situations when I can't use flash. I will continue to experiment with it as I haven't had a lot of time to do that yet and report back. The one downside has been that you do have to relaunch the app at times, which can be annoying, but easily overcome. 

Tenba bag
with arsenal
Tenba bag front

Tenba Solstice 20L

I know I didn't really, really need yet another camera bag but hear me out! I was travelling to Ireland and I was worried about the possibility of rain. I know, in Ireland? Like it rains there or something. I didn't trust my other camera backpack for this. And yes it is getting picky but it always annoyed me that it didn't have a spot for my ipad. This covers all of that and more. I can't believe how much I can fit in this bag. It is now my go-to bag. It is comfortable when traipsing around everywhere but still small enough not to feel overburdened but to have everything at hand. I like that you can twist it around to access your gear safely but also to keep it protected when you don't. It has a top loading section where I keep my camera most of the time. This section on my trip was my vitals like snacks etc. as this was my only carry-on. And like my other camera bag this inside is not black! So I can actually see what I'm looking for and I love the teal! Very happy with this purchase. It just feels solid.

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