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I love when possible to use natural light but sometimes flash in best. So for family and newborn photos, I work with natural light and in your home or somewhere outdoors without props for natural poses and interactions. We can discuss what suits you best for logistics and what means the most to you! It is all about comfort, feeling relaxed and at ease with little to do on your part. I want to photograph your family as you are and children tend to take the lead on that front. I work around their best schedule. Early morning or late afternoon sessions are best for golden light and for everyone to be at their best.

For headshots, we can come to you and set up a mini-studio session or visit our studio. Again, we want you to be comfortable and want you to have the image you want to project.

Preparing for your session


Subtle or darker solid colours work best for your clothing choices. Trendy clothes will date your photo. Best to avoid logos and writing or images, busy patterns or neon (you don't want electric green casting a colour on your face!). Again comfort is key but avoid baggy clothes. The same goes for tight clothing. Also avoid fabrics that wrinkle easily unless you can bring the clothing freshly pressed. Remember shoes and socks may be in the photos (no white socks with dress shoes!).

Be aware that some photos may be taken from above eye level so think about that when it comes to cleavage. Cover areas that particularly bother you but don't hide your beautiful self either. Avoid any big changes like a new hairstyle or tanning. Things can go badly wrong when you most want them to be right! You want to be yourself and not a totally different version of yourself.  

For group photos you don't have to all perfectly match but working with a colour theme helps your photos not appear visually busy. 

Eyeglass wearers, the reflections can be worked around but if you don't wear glasses all day (and you don't see them as part of your identity) it is best to remove them 15 mins before the photo session. 


Men if your session is later in the day you may have to shave mid-afternoon (not too close to the time but not too far away from it.

And let me know if there is anything that you want or don't want. I want you to look your best!

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