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Handmade watercolour

All of the handmade watercolours below are made by myself. When you're buying a handmade watercolour you're buying something unique. You're also buying something that may be very limited in quantity (some pigments are difficult to get). Pigments vary in price so these half pans of watercolour reflect that. Some pigments are also way more difficult to mix but don't worry, that's not reflected in the price. It may be reflected in never offering them again, though, so act soon!  Paints are poured in several layers and allowed to dry. However, sometimes after they are wrapped and ready for shipping they may sink back into their little half pan homes a bit. Sorry about that, it's just their nature. The aim is to get them as full as possible.  

You'll find an assortment of paints - some with one pure pigment, others a mixture of pigments and some are not even natural pigments (these usually put the fun in funky - check out Mink).

I've taken a lot of colour inspiration from Hamilton itself, where YHM began. It is the steel city so you will see a mix of colours reflecting our industrial heritage. In contrast to that I'm also inspired by the beauty of the Royal Botanical gardens nearby and all of the trails surrounding the city. Fun fact: there are over 100 waterfalls in Hamilton! And to make it even more Hamilton I'm using Humble Bee honey made right in the Hammer. Click on each colour to learn more about them including pigment information (if applicable). 

Now there's been a relocation to Toronto. So get ready to see more colour inspiration. I see more earth tones because of the old brick buildings in my new neighbourhood. 

Shipping cost is to be calculated after the order. Exchanges only. Pickup in Toronto is also available. 

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