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Tourist in my own city - Roncesvalles Village

I love exploring Toronto neighbourhoods, especially ones that I don't get to nearly enough. This weekend we were in Roncesvalles Village. We started out on Queen Street West (or Queen West West as some might say). We hit the antiques stores there and the wonderful Toronto Designers Market. This is a 3000sq ft store with over 30 Toronto designers (from jewellery, to furniture, to bowties).

We then headed up Roncesvalles Avenue. This used to be a very Polish area of the city and there are a few businesses still catering to this community but the area has seen a lot of change. It is now a bit like a scaled down version of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY. And I have never seen so many florists in one small area in the city before. Loved them all especially the one with two resident kitties.

This is also an area with a great restaurant scene and well worth a return especially when patio season finally happens here in Toronto!

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