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It has been a while. First I was on the road to Michigan where I quite conveniently came down with a dreadful cold our first night. At first I thought it was from freezing at a Detroit Tiger ballgame at Comerica park after a particularly muggy start to the day but it was not and it is lingering.

But Michigan... It was a fun trip. We had very limited time in Detroit but we saw that so much has changed in a short space of time since our trip back in January and before that in July 2015. Woodward is finally seeing its renaissance!

We were back on the road after a Saturday afternoon and evening in Detroit, though. Our next two days would be in Grand Rapids. This appears to be a city recently transformed. There are a lot of old buildings being repurposed and a lot of building going on. The downtown is still very quiet even during the day but I think it is only a matter of time before it is bustling too. And the Downtown market was amazing! Great food and artisan dealers in beautiful and impressive building. Nearby Meijer Gardens are also a must visit.

Lansing was a bit of a different story but we won't dwell on that...

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